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Woodward teacher surprised and honored with Outstanding Achievement Award for Environmental Education


prize patrol van   susan knell     earth day award   recycling
A prize-patrol van resembling one from Publisher’s Clearing House, pulled up to Woodward Middle Sschool on Friday, March 17, 2017. Out jumped Kitsap County officials, including Commissioner Rob Gelder. Their mission: to honor French teacher and recycling aficionado Susan Knell with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Education.   

Students and staff gathered around to hear Commissioner Gelder tout Knell’s dedication to recycling and the tremendous impact she’s had on waste reduction at WMS. Knell spends the lunch hour helping students sort their lunch waste into the proper bins for compost and recycling. Carrots and apples are passed on to horseback riders to treat their equine friends, while other food scraps are given to backyard chicken owners to provide supplemental nourishment for their feathered friends. When Knell noticed garbage cans were filling with plastic water bottles, she implemented pairing the cans with recycling bins.Voilà! A simple solution with everlasting effects.

"I have been continually impressed by Susan’s passion and dedication to environmental sustainability. She is always open and willing to assist in problem-solving efforts to help facilitate change," said Assistant Superintendent Erin Murphy.

“I am so grateful to our WMS administration and staff members for nominating me,” Knell said. “I would not have been able to make the progress I have without their support and willingness to pay attention to where everything goes.”

Knell was presented with an award (made from recycled glass, of course), a notebook filled with letters of praise and lots of cheers from the Woodward community.