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BISD School Board Letter to Community

Dear Bainbridge Island School Community,
Bainbridge Island School District is committed to ensuring that our students feel safe, welcomed and respected at school. In light of recent developments surrounding immigration at the national level, we want to remind everyone that our schools are committed to supporting our students and families, regardless of national origin, religion or immigration status.
It is a longstanding practice of public school districts to educate every student in their jurisdictions--regardless of immigration status. The United States Supreme Court upheld this right in its 1982 case, Plyer v. Doe, where the Court stated that the obligation to provide a public education extends to those in the country without documentation. Our own Policy 3120 states: the district will not inquire into a student's citizenship or immigration status or that of his/her parents or guardians. Further, under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student’s citizenship or immigration status is personally identifiable information that may not be disclosed.
BISD is committed to continue to be a place that fosters a passion of learning, while developing students’ intellectual, physical and social skills necessary for their futures. This is done in a supportive atmosphere that is free of discrimination and where bullying, harassment and intimidation are not tolerated.
If you witness behavior that goes against what BISD stands for, please report the behavior to the school principal, the district office, a school board member or through the Report a Concern button on the district’s website.
Thank you for joining BISD in being a welcoming community for all.