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Aren't these Odyssey students impressive? Why, YES!

Four Odyssey students received accolades from YES! Magazine's National Student Writing Competition.
The students responded to the writing prompt, WHY BOTHER TO VOTE? Is not voting a responsible option in a presidential election? Weigh in with your argument.
  • Red Sheets is the middle school contest winner with her essay: "Your Voice, Your Vote".
  • Cedar Price was one of three finalists. An excerpt from his essay, "Going Independent," will appear in Yes! Magazine's "Literary Gems" section where they highlight powerful writing.  
  • An excerpt from Lyra Cromwell's essay,"Twice Cooked Pork $4.95," will appear in Yes! Mag's "Literary Gems" section.
  • An excerpt from Covani Laranang's essay, "Future Leaders?," will appear in Yes! Mag's "Literary Gems" section. 
"I was really impressed by the powerful voices that the students used in these essays, which I felt said a lot about our community and the importance of voting," said teacher Liz Finin. "I was blown away by the positive response from the magazine, with four of our school's six entrants being chosen on some level for recognition or publication."
The winning essays (and excerpts from the runner-ups' submissions) are on the YES! Magazine's website