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Bainbridge Island School District uses ParentSquare for school communication, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each staff, student (grade 7-12) and parent/guardian using their preferred email address and phone number as indicated in Skyward.

While you do not have to register to receive BISD and school communications, you are encouraged to do so as it allows you to update your preferences on when/how you are notified and if you would like the communications to be sent in a language other than English. And in some situations, only those registered with ParentSquare are able to engage in two-way communication.

ParentSquare Overview Video 

Note: In the Fall of 2023, BISD is slowly rolling out ParentSquare, so not all features in the video will be immediately available. 

Parents/Guardians Instructions for Activating ParentSquare
Staff Instructions for Activating ParentSquare
Students (grades 7-12) for Activating StudentSquare