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The salmon are FRY now!

 KAIA:  Hi, I’m Kaia

MEGAN: And I’m Megan

KAIA: And we here with this week’s SALMON REPORT!

MEGAN:  But first, let’s remember the secret salmon handshake that only Sakai students know!

KAIA: We’re back from Winter Break and now our salmon are definitely FRY!

MEGAN: They aren’t alevin anymore because they don’t have their yolk sac!

KAIA:  We are slowly taking the cover off which gives you more room to peek and to let in a little sunlight.

MEGAN: And we are going to start feeding them fish food in a bit.

KAIA: We’ve been having to clean the tank as well and we do sometimes find some dead salmon and salmon eggs. 

MEGAN:  It’s the circle of life.  Sometimes salmon do not survive.   Now we are going to show you a short clip of what our salmon look like this week

KAIA:  Roll the tape!

MEGAN:  Come by the tank to see them!

KAIA: That’s all for now!

Now back to you!!!