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The week before break

 Here's a transcript of Evan and Alex's salmon report! 

E: Hi I’m Evan



A: And I’m Alex



E:  And we’re here to talk about salmon.



A: But FIRST, it is time to learn the SECRET SALMON HANDSHAKE.



E: Watch carefully!



                   (Salmon Handshake)



A: The secret salmon handshake was developed last year by two Sakai students and you can use it whenever you meet another Sakai student.



E: But seriously!  You have to check out our salmon BEFORE you go on break!



A: This is because you will not recognize them when they get back!



E: Really?



A:  Really! Right now they are in the alevin stage which means that they have these orange yolk sacs that they are eating from.  These yolk sacs are definitely getting smaller and may be gone by the time you return.



E: This means that they will be ready to SWIM and look for food!



A: We will say more about their next stage of development when we return!  Hasta La Vista! 



E:  See you when we get back!



BOTH: And now back to you!