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Our salmon eggs have arrived!

salmon tank
On Friday our salmon eggs arrived and are generating a lot of excitement in the front hall. They are now in the tank, which is draped in black felt. We try to simulate their natural environment as much as possible. In a stream, the eggs would be burrowed underneath the gravel in a salmon nest called a "redd." Students are encouraged to peek at them by lifting up the felt.
On Monday Allison and and Cameron gave us this broadcast announcement. The students in the Lemieux homeroom will serve as salmon reporters this spring: 
CAMERON: Hi I’m Cameron
ALLISON: And I’m Allison… And we are here to announce…
CAMERON: That our awesome salmon eggs have arrived!!!
ALLISON: They are in a tank in front of the library.
CAMERON: The tank is covered in black felt because eggs like the dark…
ALLISON: You can come and look at them BUT please just peek at them for three seconds!
CAMERON: Also don’t tap on the glass. It will make them sad.
ALLISON: Our class, Mr. Lemieux’s homeroom, will be back later with more information!
CAMERON: That’s all for now… Remember… be kind to our little eggs!
ALLISON: And now… back to you…