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Our salmon are HATCHING!

Hatching Eggs

Our salmon babies are hatching and we couldn't be more excited!  As you can see in the picture above, you can view the black eyes, tail and spine of the salmon ALEVIN.  We pronounce that "AL-VIN" like the chipmunks but you can also say "AY-EL-VIN."  
Unfortunately for the students, this is conference week!  If you are coming in for a conference today, please stop by the tank and take a look at progress of the hatch!  What you will see when you come in are a lot of little tails in the air and the alevin are trying to burrow themselves into the rocks. This is normal salmon behavior.
On Monday, you will see many more fish hatching!
We will keep the cover on to simulate the dark conditions of the redd, which is a salmon nest in a stream bed!  

Check back soon for more salmon information!!!