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Alevin Development -- Three WEEKS!


D: Hi, I’m David,

T: Hi, I’m Travis, and we are here with a report on ourgrowing salmon.

D: this is the last week to see the alevin before they becomefry.

T: their egg sacs are collapsing in their final stage, beforethey become fry.

D: now is a great time to see them as they grow, so stop bythe library to get a look at these amazing little fish.

T: here are some pictures of the alevin.

Fade us out please!

First picture appears

D: here are the eggs as they were on the first week

Next picture appears

T: here is the next stage, when they become alevin. Notice thepink egg sac. The alevin take vital nutrition from it.

Picture three appears

D:this is the alevin now. See how as they become fry, theiregg sac shrinks?

T: bye, and thanks for listening.

T+D: now back to you.