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El Velero Lottery Updates

El Velero Lottery 23/24 Dates:

The application process for the upcoming school year has begun. Applicants must enroll their child at the Bainbridge Island School District Website. Once a student is enrolled in the district, you must fill out the El Velero Lottery form.

The Lottery is held for Kindergarten only.

The waitlist from Kindergarten rolls over into 1st grade.

If you would like to add your child to the 1st grade waitlist - please register your child (if not already) and fill out a lottery form.

Interested in joining El Velero at 2,3, or 4th grade please contact Ordway Office Manager at (206) 780-1397. There is a Spanish language competency assessment. 

Dates: Lottery Form and BISD registration are due no later than March 10 to qualify for the Lottery.

Lottery will be held on March 14 and families are notified by March 17.