American Studies
    American Studies will provide an integrated examination of American culture. Students will study political, economic, social and literary history. The presentation of the material will be both thematic and chronological. Students will demonstrate higher order critical thinking skills in addition to the acquisition of knowledge about American history and literary development. A major component of the course will be in developing writing, reading and critical thinking skills, including techniques for the research and production of major papers. Students will be expected to participate in oral presentations and group discussions.
    Fall 2019 Google Classroom codes:

    The class code for period 1 AS P1 Fall 2019 Pollack: 3ux2pih

    The class code for period 2 AS P2 Fall 2019 Pollack: 1bw7y17

    The class code for period 3 AS P3 Fall 2019 Pollack: 4cpcqie

    The class code for period 4 AS P4 Fall 2019 Pollack: q7x73tr

    The class code for period 5 US P4 Fall 2019 Pollack: ug8sh04