• Health classes

    Posted by Sally Frease on 9/4/2014
    Every student at Sakai will have an opportunity to learn very important lessons for life through what we call "health class".  The topics include lessons on Making Good Choices, Fitness, Nutrition, Alcohol, Smoking, and Addictions.  These 45 minute classroom sessions are very age-appropriate and contain useful information for your 5th and 6th grade students.   Return to this website for more information as it will be updated monthly.
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  • A new year

    Posted by Sally Frease on 8/27/2014 9:00:00 AM

    golf ball
    We hope you had a great summer of fun in the sun!  We are looking forward to meeting you and participating in lots of good exercise!
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  • First days of PE at Sakai

    Posted by Sally Frease on 8/27/2014
    We are excited to begin a new school year at Sakai! 
    Kids =  Remember to wear appropriate PE clothes and shoes this first week of school so you can fully enjoy PE class.
    Parents =  Your student will have a PE class 2 or more days each week; please help them remember to be prepared for activity.  Also, it is helpful to put their names on any jackets and/or sweatshirts so those don't get lost!!
    Sakai PE classes are filled with many low-skill, high intensity games and activities.  Students are encouraged to KEEP THE P.A.C.E. We expect them to participate to the best of their ability, bring a positive attitude, cooperate with teachers and other students, and put our their best effort each day.  
    We are looking forward to a full year of exploring fun new ways to exercise! 
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