• Questions and Clarifications - BISD #303 High Speed Fiber Optic Wide Area Network 



    1.      Please specify if the WAN connectivity is for a Private WAN connecting all the sites listed, or if it is for direct dedicated Internet access for each site.
    This is for a private WAN connecting the sites listed.  We already have Internet access provided through our High School Location. 
    2.      If you require IPv4 LAN blocks at each site from a provider, what size allocation is needed?
    We use private IP addressing throughout the district, and already have our own public IP blocks.   As long as you can let us route our traffic to each site using our own IP addressing scheme, we should be fine.
    3.      If you require Dedicated Internet Access, then will you require BGP?
    No Internet access required

    4.      Generally speaking, for the data flows w.r.t. a (most likely) centralized server architecture, do most of other the schools/sites only speak to the High School as the hub site?

    Our current WAN allows us to route directly between any combination of the sites listed.  However, in most cases the High School is the next hop for traffic.  We would be okay with a proposal that connected each site directly with the high school.

    5.      How much bandwidth is needed between all sites?

    The RFP asks for quotes at 1Gbps, 2Gbps and 10Gbps per site.  We want to choose the solution that provides the most value per site.  At the minimum, I could see the following scenario: 10Gbps to the High School, 2Gbps to our Middle School and Intermediate School, and 1Gpbs to our Elementaries/Transportation.  If the difference in tiers is reasonable, we may opt to go higher.