• Questions and Clarifications - BISD #303 VDI Host Servers



    Q:  I only see the bid here where there are sections for me to fill out like, company name, address, signature, date, etc.  Are there other documents that I need to print out, sign and mail?

    A:  The RFP format is defined in section 4.1 of the pdf.  The only requirements are:

    1.  Title page - generated from Attachment A
    2. Quote, which addresses the specific requirement outlined in Attachment B
    3. Proposal Cost Overview - generated from Attachment C
    We will need 3 signed copies and sealed copies of this delivered to our department by October, 27th.  The other components outlined in 4.1 are optional, and you can include them if you feel it will help with our decision.
    Q:  Are you open to receiving bids for a Cloud VDI solution?
    A: Not interested in a cloud service as we have already invested in storage, VDI licensing and persona management.