• Attendance Guidelines

    Contact: Stephanie Mar
    Office Number 842-2918
    email: smar@bisd303.org
    Pre Arranged Absence Form

    Attending Bainbridge High School is a right and responsibility of all students. State Law and School Board Regulations require daily attendance. Mandatory attendance exists in all classes. The family and the student both hold full responsibility for attendance. Research states the first minutes of a class period are among the most important. Therefore, it is critically important that students arrive to class on time. A single tardy of 10 minutes or more be counted as an unexcused absence. Failure to attend class may result in loss of credit, failure, or removal from class and/or school. State law requires referral to juvenile court for excessive absences.

    In order to excuse an absence, we ask that a parent or guardian contact the school by telephone each day a student is absent. Please call our Attendance Office at 842-2918, preferably by 10:00 A.M. on the morning your student must be absent from school.

    Failure to contact the Attendance Office to excuse an absence within 2 days will cause the absence to remain listed as unexcused. We will attempt to notify parents whenever a student has an unexcused absence, be it a truancy or failure to meet the two-day excuse deadline. Parents are also invited to call the Attendance Office to receive information about student attendance.

    Upon the fourth (4) unexcused within a semester, the student may be dropped from the class(es) with a failing grade. Students truant from class will face disciplinary/corrective action.

    Due to the importance of class attendance teachers will individually contact a student when he/she has accumulated 4 days of absence – excused or unexcused – and the student will initial the absence report form.

    At the 7th absence, a student’s grade likely will be affected. Once a student has reached seven absences the teacher, associate principal and/or attendance office will make a parent contact.

    At the 11th absence from a semester class, the student may be dropped from the class rolls with loss of credit. A letter will be sent home to the student and parent indicating a change in schedule due to non-attendance. Eighteen-year Old

    Excused Absences

    Students eighteen years of age and older are allowed by law to sign their own excuses for absences. According to district procedure, excused absences are considered to be for illness, medical appointments, or court appointments only.

    Eighteen-year-old students wishing to excuse their own absences will be required to fill out a special form available in the Attendance Office. This requires the student to verify in writing the reasons and authenticity of the absence. If the reason for the absence is not considered excused according to policy definition or if it is found that the reason listed was not authentic, the absence will be considered unexcused and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.