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                   GOOD BOOK?  Try.......
    Look! Book Reviews - A list of review sites by and for children book lovers.
    Look! Great Author Websites - Only the best SITES on this list.  Educational activities and connections to great books required.
    Look! 2nd Grade Book Adventure!   Great Non Fiction is the focus in 2nd Grade in the library.  Students are challenged to read ONE on each of these topics.
    Look! 3rd Grade Challenge:   - Classic books (and destined to become classic) are the titles on this list.  We challenge 3rd graders to try at least TWO.    
    Read   4th Grade Battle of the Books  - Choose and vote for a favorite from each of 8 battles.  Books from all genres are in the ring!  Only ONE book will remain in the end, but your knowledge of all may be tested.
    Look! 2016 Sasquatch Award  - New FICTION suggestions for 3rd and 4th graders.  Read one and earn a bookmark!