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    School Climate
    Sakai Intermediate School is a dynamic, caring community of 5th and 6th grade students. We are a school that focuses on high academic achievement and expectations, as well as the development of social and emotional intelligence skills.  Our staff and students are dedicated to a positive and supportive school climate.   We like to think that you can feel this positive energy as you enter our school.
    In the Behavior and Climate section of this website, you will find information about our school and how we foster a caring environment and work to prevent bullying. As you explore this section, you will learn that we are not a school with a high percentage of bullying incidents.  You will also learn that we do have a defined system for handling the incidents that do occur.
    The key however, as previously mentioned, is bullying prevention.  We have a school-wide program that helps build skills in students that will serve them well throughout their education, and in our community.  We call this program COHO Time.  The coho salmon is our school mascot. We have a small annual migration of coho to the stream that runs behind our school.
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