Welcome Students!  
    • Students in the Class of 2018 will be uploaded in the fall of 2014.
    • All newly enrolled BHS students for 2014-2015 school year will be also be updated as soon as possible.  
    1) For all STUDENTS, please follow these instructions to sign in: 
    a. Go to the Naviance link on the BHS Counseling Webpage.
    b. Instead of using your Email Address, please enter your Family Access USERNAME in the Email slot.
    c. Then put your "Other ID Number" in the Password slot.  (The "Other ID Number" is the number that students use to log into all school computers.)
    2)   PARENTS of current BHS students who are first-time Naviance users must first register with a registration code via the “Are You New Here? --> I Need To Register” link after entering the Naviance site.  This link can be found on the Naviance log-in page under the BHS Counseling tab of the website.
    The “Registration Codes” for Parents of the Classes of 2015 have already been emailed in spring 2013.  After entering the Registration Code, follow the prompts to make your Email Address your new Username and create your own password that you can remember.  

    The BHS counseling office will email registration codes to all parents during your student's junior year.  If you would like this code sooner, please contact the BHS registrar (see information below).  Current junior parents:  We will email your registration codes after winter break.
    Anyone encountering a problem is encouraged to call the registrar, Cris Cannestra, in the BHS Counseling Office (780-1253) or ccannestra@bisd303.org.
    Note that students will use their Family Access Username and not their email address to log in, but parents will use their email address to log on after they have registered with their registration code.

    3)   Guests are welcome to explore portions of the Bainbridge High School Naviance site.  The password for guests is:  bhs

    4)   All Fall College Rep Visits (and sign-ups) will be found on the Naviance site.  Please Note:  Only BHS students (no parents please) may attend sessions held at Bainbridge High School.  Sign up through the student's Naviance account is required.  Parents are welcome to attend College Rep Visits held in the greater Seattle area.  (Although Eagle Harbor High School students do not have access to the BHS Naviance site, those students are welcome to drop in on any college visit at BHS.)