Kindergarten is an exciting time full of new experiences

Kindergarten Programs & Enrollment

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    Your child is about to embark on a wonderful milestone and BISD is proud to be part of this momentous event. Kindergarten sets the foundation for your child’s school career and puts him or her on a lifelong path of learning.

    While kindergarten is a time of great discovery, excitement and growth, it’s also a big transition — for parents and children alike! When you enroll your child in kindergarten at BISD, your student will not only receive a high-quality education, but will also gain a team of staff whose main goal is to help your child succeed intellectually, socially and emotionally.

    Parent involvement is encouraged in kindergarten. It’s a time of close partnership between the school and the home. We welcome you to join on field trips and classroom activities.


    Kindergarten students receive core instruction in:

    Social Studies
    Social skills

    They also participate each week with a content specialist teacher in the following areas:

    Physical Education
    STEM Lab (hands-on exploration of science and engineering concepts)


    Our schools support the development of students and encourage them to explore and acquire a range of skills. Our staff is committed to provide each student with an excellent academic program in an engaging and supportive environment. BISD provides students with a range of services to support learning needs such as academic support, special education services and a highly capable program.

    The state of Washington funds full-day kindergarten for all students five years of age by August 31, 2020. There is no tuition fee. To learn more about the kindergarten programs through BISD, download this brochure. 
    Kindergarten is a time of close interaction between school and home.
    By working together, children begin another remarkable journey in their development.  
    Contact Information

    Blakely Elementary School
    Principal Reese Ande
    Office Manager Kyanne Hawkins
    Phone: (206) 842-4752

    Ordway Elementary School(Includes the El Velero Spanish Immersion Program; Enrollment for El Velero is via a lottery.)
    Principal Melinda Reynvaan
    Office Manager Sarah Dunstan
    Phone: (206) 842-7637

    Wilkes Elementary School
    Principal Amii Pratt
    Office Manager Sheila Jakubik
    Phone: (206) 842-4411

    Commodore Options School (Odyssey and Mosaic Home Education Partnership Programs; Enrollment for Odyssey is via a lottery.)
    Principal Trish Corsetti
    Office Manager Michelle Hope
    Phone: (206) 780-1646
    Your kindergarten student has specific learning goals in every subject. For information on all expectations visit the OSPI web site at: