• Mathematics

    Specific Course Information

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

    The BHS Mathematics Department has made the transition to the curriculum adopted three years ago. This means that most classes are now using online resources in lieu of checking out a single math textbook.

    We are excited about the many advantages of this system:

    ·         No more heavy textbooks List of books

    ·         Students staying current with today’s technology

    ·         Giving our students tools for college and working in today’s global technological society 

    ·         Video tutorials available to present and reteach concepts 

    ·         Step-by-step examples of processes 

    ·         Online interactive practice problems 

    ·         Online interactive quizzes

    ·         Online calculator

    ·         Interactive note-taking ability in the e-books 

    ·         Easy portability of assignments via electronic tablets or printouts for students on-the-go

    We believe all these added options will address a wide variety of learning styles while providing material for others to help our students outside of classroom instruction time.

    Deborah Baker - Pre-Calculus & AP Calculus AB
    D'Arcy Clements - Geometry & Pre-Calculus
    Cathy DeLorey - Geometry & Honors Algebra II
    Scott Druker - Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus BC
    Lisa Hale - AP Statistics, Honors Geometry, & Algebra II
    Thea Layton - Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, & AP Calculus
    Brad Lewis - AP Statistics, Applied Statistics, & Contextual Algebra
    Stefanie McLeish - Contextual Algebra
    Burton Shields - Algebra I & Algebra II
    Jason Sovick - Geometry, AP Computer Science, Consumer Math, & Online Learning
    Marilyn Tsolomitis - Algebra I, Algebra II