Mr. Kaycee Taylor  

    PE & Health, AMW
    9th Grade PE, Health, Analyzig the Modern World
     Kaycee Taylor Seahwawks

    Welcome to BHS!

     While this is not the way you likely imagined starting your high school career, I am confident we will be able to make this a successful and meaningful year together.  The start of school, especially, for 9th graders is a great opportunity to start fresh, you get to decide who you will be and what you will be about. 

    What I mean by that is that you have the power to decide you are about being involved, trying your best, being vulnerable and open to new things; this year is a fresh start.  

    Most all of the information calendars, activities, due dates, class info..etc will be shared through Google Class.  You can find the syllabus and a Week at a Glance (WAG) for each class in the tabs to the left be sure to look for your class section