Kirrin Coleman

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  • English Department


    Phone: TBD. (Still in transition)


    About me: I earned my BA in English at Western Washington University and my MA at Wake Forest University. I started my teaching career in the Portland area, moved to Bainbridge in 2000, and have taught at BHS since then. I live on Bainbridge Island with my husband, three children, and our dog, Bean.




    It's second semester! Here are the new Google Classroom codes. Please enroll before Monday, 1/25.

    Period 1 (AM cohort): pf7nveh

    Period 1 (PM cohort): ioxqnhw

    Period 2 (Online 9th English): og6tzrl

    Period 3 (AM cohort):7v6i2wx

    Period 3 (PM cohort): qopp44r


    9th English Syllabus