Elizabeth Ande

    Fine Art /CTE 
    Phone:   206-780-1658
    Email:    eande@bisd303.org
    Studio:   COS 200B
    Ceramics I, II,III, and Advanced Studio 

    Enrolled Students please join our google classroom for current assignments, and information. Please be sure to join the correct period and a/b section!   Google Classroom Codes  Please follow the steps outlined here for second semester Steps for Second Semester
    I am excited to welcome you to Ceramics class this year, and hope you find it a joyful creative part of your day! Ceramics courses are a part of the CTE course offerings, and you will be able to use them to fulfill your Fine Arts credit or Career and Technical Education credit. 
    This semester we are so excited to be moving into our new studio in the 100 building!  We will start class in our beautifully designed ceramic studio!  You will be the first class to get to experience this stunning new space, and I am so excited to start this journey together!
    Students who are interested can also participate in Ceramics Club for additional leadership opportunities. See the club website for information!