Tanya Roe
    Speech & Language Pathologist 
    Phone: (206) 780-3033
    Email: troe@bisd303.org
    Schedule:  7:30-3:00, Monday - Thursday
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    Captain Wilkes Elementary School currently has two speech/language pathologists, Tanya Roe and Latecia Blacker.  Tanya primarily serves students in grades 1 through 4, and Latecia typically serves preschool and kindergarten, but we've been known to mix it up a bit!

    Speech/language therapy typically includes services for delays in the following areas:

    • production of speech sounds (articulation)
    • receptive language
    • expressive language
    • voice
    • fluency
    • social/pragmatic communication

    Please refer to the following link for more information regarding BISD special education services and the process for accessing them.