• Welcome to Mr. Moore's homepage for 8th grade science!

  • I am so excited to be teaching my 11th year of 8th grade science at Woodward Middle School. The core topics in science this year are physics and biology.  As we explore science throughout the year, this website is designed to provide students and their adults with a brief overview of the course as well as a snapshot of what we do each day. 

    For a whole course overview, take a look at the syllabus.

    The course is structured so that studentls will do most of their work in-class in a composition book.  This will be supplemented by occasional paper assignments they keep in a 3-ring binder and rare digital assignments we complete on chromebooks.  Google classroom will serve as an organizational hub for students, where resources for both digital and paper assignments will be linked.  To be successful on any given day students should be sure to have a sharpened pencil, their 3-ring binder, composition book and chromebook on-hand.

    For a peak at our day to day there are four resources embedded below:

    1. The Science Week at a Glance - provides a bullet point list of daily activities
    2. The Table of Contents - provides a list of entries that go in the front of our composition notebooks.  This is notes, warm-ups, observations, & experiments.
    3. Progress Trackers - provides a list of entries that go in the back of our composition notebooks.  These summarize key take-aways from a series of investigations.  They act as core notes for students to refer to during exams and projects.
    4. Prompts - provides the prompts for all entries in our composition book

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