Jim Starrs

    Social Studies/Language Arts Teacher         

    Phone: 780-6552

    I just got back from a great summer trip to Alaska. I now have visited all 50 states.

    I'll bet some of you are checking out this site to learn a little about what to expect from me and this coming school year. I'll put an introductory message here as soon as I can.

    I'll start with this photo of me in front of Holgate Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park.

    portrait of teacher

    This will be another year with great teaching partners. Ms. Barrett and I will each teach language arts and social studies to half the students on our team. Ms. Evans will teach all the science classes. Ms. Haas will teach all the math classes.


    1958: I was born in New York City and lived there three years.


    1961: I moved to Chicago. There I started my school career in Ms. Hanburger’s kindergarten class.


    {Skip forward many years during which I continued my schooling through elementary school, high school, college, and post-graduate studies. I also developed my love of travel, bicycling, reading, the outdoors, art, and many other things.}

      travel    bicycle    reading    outdoors    art

    2018: I teach 6th grade social studies and language arts at Sakai Intermediate School. Even though I have been teaching in the Bainbridge Island School District since 1990 (a long time) where I’ve been happy and lucky to work with great fellow teachers, great families, and the best students in the world, every year brings something new for me. 

    This year we'll have some things the same and some different. We'll still have our classrooms side by side on the 100-south level of Sakai. We'll still teach the same subjects and get to know you as individuals. Students will have language arts and social studies classes with one teacher and those classes will still be scheduled to be back-to-back. The new things this year will be details like our new ChromeBooks and small tweaks to the curriculum.

    I've had a good summer--some travel as mentioned above and some work on projects at home. I'll take one more quick trip to visit family in the DC area and then I'll be back getting our classroom ready. I hope to have fun working and learning with you this year. 

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