Registration Dates for 2019-20 School Year

    Registration dates close about a week before the start of each season, in order to provide our office time to process all registrations, create rosters, contact lists, and health alert information for coaches. Thank you for your help in ensuring your registration is done during our open window for each sport. 

    Fall: Cross Country & Volleyball opens August 5th & closes August 30th

    Winter: Boys Basketball opens September 30th & closes October 25th

    Winter: Girls Basketball opens December 16th & closes January 17th

    Spring: Track & Field opens March 3rd & closes April 1st

    The registration process has three key steps:

    1. The link for our registration system called FamilyID is found at the bottom of this page. We use a web based registration system that is not connected to our district Skyward "Family Access" system. There has been confusion in the past due to the similarity in names of these two systems. You must create an account in order to register on FamilyID but once you have registered your student once, the information will prefill for any future registrations you may do.

    2. Ensure your athlete has an up to date medical physical (within past 2 years). This physical must be on file at our school before an athlete can participate. This can be brought in to our attendance office, or sent electronically to our attendance secretary, Beth Guy: bguy@bisd303.org

    3. Each athlete must pay the following fees:

    • ASB card: Online payment opens for the ASB card fee on August 19, and is $20 - good for the school year,
    • $150/sport participation fee.

    Payment for these can be made using our district online InTouch system, or by Check or Cash at our Attendance office.

    If your family needs assistance with these fees please contact your child's counselor or Athletic Director.

    Once each of these steps of registration are completed your athlete will be cleared to participate. 


    All students are welcome to "try-out" for a sport regardless of grade status. To qualify to continue to fully participate, all athletes must be in compliance with the Woodward Middle School Athletic Eligibility Policy.

    This policy requires all students to meet academic expectations by having a C- or higher in ALL their classes. To ensure athletes are meeting these expectations, a grade check will be done every two weeks once the season begins.

    Please read the specific details below to learn what will occur if a student does not meet academic expectations.

    • The first time a student’s grade drops below a C-, they are put on a plan of Academic Improvement and have 2 weeks to bring their grade up to a C- or higher. If a student begins the season with any grades lower than a C-, they start on an Academic Improvement plan, and will be placed on “Probation” if their grade(s) do not improve to a C- or better after the first two weeks of the season.
    • The second time the student’s grade drops below a C-, the student is put on "Probation" and cannot play in games (but can still practice).
    • The third time the student becomes academically ineligible, they may be removed from the team.

    Thank you for your support in helping maintain Woodward Middle School as an academically focused school, where athletes must be students first.

    Optional affordable Sports Injury Insurance is available through Myers-Stevens.

    FamilyID Registration

    Please use this link to register your athlete: