• ASB Leadership Election Time!

    It is that time for ASB elections for next year's positions. If you are interested in making a difference at Woodward or Bainbridge High School think about running for office.  
    Here what you need to know:
     BHS - there are 4 positions for 9th grade class officers - you run for a position not just the group (president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer).  You are in charge of your class for assemblies and fund raising for prom. You are also an integral part of making BHS a better place for kids. 
    Woodward -
    • 4 ASB Executive board members who run our school ASB through leading meetings, budgets, morning announcements, participation at parent nights,etc.  They are in a year long Leadership course and attend a required summer camp August 5-8, 2016
    • 4 - 8th grade Class Officers who work with the executive board and are in Fall Leadership class.  They also attend the required summer camp August 5-8, 2016.  
    • 4 - 7th grade Class Officers - elected in Fall of 2016
     Make sure to sign up in Ms. Nelson's office, on the white board, so we know who is running! 

     Paperwork is available NOW! Deadline to turn in all paperwork, speeches, and posters is Tuesday, February 23rd! Print all forms at left. Only available ONLINE.