• Picks-up where state funding falls short
    • Provides enrichment to students’ school experiences
    • Help us achieve our goals outlined in the District Improvement Plan
    • The state does not provide any dedicated technology funding


    Thank you to the Bainbridge Island Community; the early election results are in, and both levies are passing with resounding “YES” votes! The Enrichment & Operations Levy is passing with 73% of the vote, and the Technology Levy is passing with 74%. 



  • Are the levies still necessary now that the school closure is off the table?

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    YES! Enrichment & Operations and Technology levies are renewals to replace expiring levies. BISD has relied on these levies for decades and they provide important funding. 

    Updated February 9, 2024

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  • When will the election be held?

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    The election is on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024.

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  • When will ballots be mailed to voters?

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    The Kitsap County Auditor will mail ballots to voters in late January (approximately Jan. 26, 2024). All ballots must be deposited at a polling location by 8 p.m. on Feb. 13, or returned by US mail (postmarked by Feb. 13 — note, a stamp is not required).

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  • How does BISD’s local school taxes compare with other districts?

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    AREA                                   MEDIAN AV               TAX RATE (2023)          TOTAL 

    Bainbridge Island          $1,112,720                $2.04                               $2,270
    Issaquah                              $1,389,000                $2.72                               $3,778
    Lake Washington           $1,742,000               $2.15                                $3,745
    Bellevue                              $1,572,000                $2.00                               $3,144
    Mercer Island                  $2,132,000                $1.29                               $2,750
    North Kitsap                    $626,600                   $2.32                               $1,454


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  • Historically, how have BISD levies been received by the public?

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    BISD is tremendously grateful for local taxpayer support. When these two levies were last up for voter approval in 2021, they passed by 69.5% (Enrichment & Operations) and 73.14% (Technology Levy).

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  • What is required for a levy to pass?

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    Levies pass with a simple majority, which is 50% + 1 vote. The percentage is based on all who vote in the election, not total registered voters.

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