BISD COVID-19 information


    Free Self-Tests for COVID-19 Availability

    Free Self-Tests for COVID-19 for staff, students and their families will be available from BISD school health rooms, through the 2023-24 school year, while supplies last. These free self-tests are provided by the Washington State Department of Health with federal funding.

    Expired Self-Tests

    Please refer to DOH's FAQs on the use of expired COVID-19 tests. You can trust that an expired test is working correctly so long as it passes the built-in quality control check. If the test Control “C” line appears, then the test works reliably. If the Control “C” line does not appear or is faint, discard the test, and re-do with a fresh test kit until the Control “C” line appears, as in package instructions.

    Guidelines: Isolation

    As with other illnesses, please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms. Refer to the DOH guidelines regarding recommendations for vaccinations and isolating after testing positive for COVID-19.

    Prevention: Masking and Vaccination

    Please refer to DOH guidelines on when to mask and the benefits of vaccinating against COVID-19.

    Additional information on COVID-19 can be found on the WA DOH website.

    BISD District Drive-Thru Test Site

    BISD permanently closed the COVID-19 District Office Drive-Thru Testing Site on Friday, June 16, 2023. There will be no further testing available at this site or any school district facility.

    Reporting Positive Cases

    Students and staff no longer need to report positive cases. A person who tests positive should  notify those individuals who may have been exposed and follow DOH guidelines for reducing COVID-19 transmission.