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Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics Education Western Governors University S.M., Mechanical Engineering S.M., Management S.B., Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology State of Washington Residency Teacher Mathematics, Middle Level Mathematics

Hans Patrick Griesser

Growing up, my family moved a lot.  I had four 4th grade teachers (and no, I didn't repeat the year.)  Most of my math teachers, inspired by the Space Race, taught set-theory and efficient algorithms.  But in 8th grade in New Jersey, Mr. Kelley gave me the algebra book so I could work at my own pace and build my own understanding.  When I arrived in Bisbee, Arizona for high school, I was the only freshman in Geometry, my favorite class ever.  Yup, I like math a lot!

My all-time favorite book is Have Space Suit—Will Travel by Robert Heinlein.  It inspired me to go to MIT before I even knew it was in Massachusetts.  So it's no surprise that my first job was developing mechanisms on satellites.  Later, I became interested in product design and spent most of my career developing medical electronics.  I was part of the team that developed the AEDs (defibrillators) installed around Bainbridge Island.

My family has lived on Bainbridge Island for over twenty years.  After all my moving around, I guess I’ve finally found my favorite place to be.  Our children completed the entire BISD program.  And their grandparents followed us here and are part of the community too.  

This is my sixth year teaching high school.  I still feel like a new teacher with a lot to learn.   I'll make a lot of mistakes.  You might too.  Let's learn from our mistakes together.

  • On these pages, you will find important, but general, information about my classes.  We will be using Google classroom to post assignments, resources, and announcements.  Grades are posted regularly in Skyward, usually by Monday morning.

    If you cannot find the information that you need, please send me an email or call.

    Let's make this a great school year.