• Cell Phone Policy and Procedures:
    With the distribution of Chromebooks, cell phones will no longer be allowed at WMS during the school day.  All educational uses of a cell phone can now be accessed on the Chromebook that students were issued, including email, graphing calculator, and Internet.  Students are to put cell phones in lockers BEFORE school begins and can retrieve them after the final school bell for the day.  
    If you need to get in contact with your student, please call 206-780-4504, and we will get them a message or have them call you immediately. 
    Below are the procedures and consequences for cell phone violations:
    First Offense:  Warning.  Teacher will ask student to put cell phone in locker.

    Second Offense:  Teacher will confiscate phone, and student may retrieve it at the end of the day from that teacher.

    Third Offense and every offense thereafter:  The phone will be brought down to the office and a parent or guardian must retrieve the phone.  It will not be released to the student.  
    Thank-you for your support in making WMS a place of academic focus.