Brian Windrope Photo
  • The photo above was taken on the Rockwall Trail in Kootenay National Park in the Candian Rockies. A breathtaking and wildly beautiful place.

  • Welcome to Mr. Windrope's home page for 8th grade science.
    I love learning and teaching science and am excited about our 18/19 school year. The curriculum for 8th grade science is centered around the life sciences in broad terms. We explore everything from the nature of life itself and cells, to the wonderful beauty and importance of evolution. In alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, we explore these topics in diverse ways, and seek to prepare our students for success at the next level of their education. Many assignments are given and submitted through Google Classroom. Ask your student to show you our Classroom page for information. Any notes given in class, are posted in Classroom. 
    Our classroom is fun, challenging and dynamic, like life itself! I will expect your best, and give my best, every day.