• Woodward Student Fees

    IMPORTANT: As of 3/17/20: Please do not make any payments during the school closure due to COVID-19 concerns.  

    Fees associated with classes, activities, sports, field trips and fines may be paid by cash or check at the Attendance Office. Make checks payable to: Woodward Middle School.

    For your convenience, you can pay most fees and fines online. Online payments will immediately post to the student's account. There will be a small user fee at checkout for the convenience of making an online payment.

    InTouch Logo

    InTouch Payment


    The InTouch site username and password will be the same as your parent/guardian Family Access login. Students cannot pay fees at this time.

    Please choose the name of the student who requires the item you are purchasing. Although it appears as a choice once you are in the system, please DO NOT buy items under your name. The name of the student needing the workbook, class fee, participation fee etc. is what should appear on the receipt. Thank you for your attention to this detail.

    If you currently use a Family Access password that includes the special character asterisk (*), the online payment system will not accept it and your password will need to be changed. You will have to wait overnight for the system to accept the new password.

    Questions? Please contact:

    Susan Waite