• Commodore Student Fees

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    Fee Waivers for Qualified Families


    Free and reduced-price meals may be obtained by any student whose family income falls within the guidelines set by the US Department of Agriculture.  Applications can be made at any time during the school year.  In addition to meals, those who qualify for free or reduced meals may also qualify for additional benefits such as waived class, athletics, ASB cards and testing fees.  

    **NEW**Process to be eligible and receive additional benefits:

    1. Fill out the Free&Reduced-Price Meals Application - instructions found here, on the Food Services Department page.  In order to receive benefits, this form must be completed every year.
    2. If your family qualifies, you will be given access to a custom online form in your Skyward Family Access. A link to this form will be posted on your Family Access message wall.  With this form, you will be able to indicate your interest in having a variety of fees waived, both for instructional and extracurricular activities.  Please feel free to contact studentrecords@bisd303.org if you have any questions about how to access this form.
    3. Select from the items listed to indicate which waivers you would like for your student(s).  You will then receive those waivers for the remainder of the year. 
    4. In order to receive the waiver you have requested, you must follow the payment instructions as if you are paying for the item. If steps 1 and 2 have been completed correctly, the item will show up for $0 at checkout.  **You must go through this process and create a receipt in your student's name for them to get the benefit. **

    Food Services

    For Food Services questions, lunch prices and online lunch payments go to “menus” link at the top of your screen.

    Commodore Fees

    Fees associated with classes, activities, and fines may be paid by cash or check at the main Commodore Office. 

    For your convenience, you can pay most fees and fines online. Online payments will immediate post to the student's account. There will be a small user fee at checkout for the convenience of making an online payment.

    Online Payment Instructions

    The online payment site username and password will be the same as your Family Access login information (parent/guardian login only). Please see the important notes below.

    Please choose/click on the name of the student who requires the item you are purchasing.

    Although it appears as a choice once you are in the system, please DO NOT buy items under your name. The name of the student needing the workbook, class fee, participation fee etc. is what should appear on the receipt. Thank you for your attention to this detail. 

    Important Password Information

    Please be aware of the following:     
    1. If the last time you changed your Family Access password was before November 2013, you must enter the password in all lowercase letters.
    2. If you have recently changed your password in Family Access (since November 2013) please enter your password as is.
    3. If you currently use a Family Access password that includes the special character asterisk (*), the online payment system will not accept it and your password will need to be changed.
    4. The system updates nightly so if you change your password through Family Access, it will take one night before you will be able to use it to enter the online payment site.

    Commodore Office:

    Contact: Michelle Hope
    Office Number 206-780-1381
    Email: mhope@bisd303.org