Ms. D'Arcy Clements (she/her)

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    Mathematics - Precalculus, Geometry,
    Fine Arts - Drama
    Available for help and conversaton via Zoom.
    Email me and we'll connect! 
    Class Specific Support Hours are during PM sessions of classes while we are learning virtually.
    OPEN Office Hours for ALL Classes are Fridays, 12:25-1:05 and by appointment.
    Please check Google Classroom for changes. 
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  • On this webpage you'll find basic contact information, a bit of biography, and links to more information.

    Students: I can't wait to meet you! Once we get started, please join the appropriate Google Classroom. This is where I will post assignments and class activities.

    Families: I encourage you to sign up for guardian summaries from Google Classroom, if you haven't already. Let me know if you would like me to add you. (If you are added to any one of your child's classes, you'll receive the daily or weekly summaries for all.) 

  • 2020-2021 - IN PERSON HYBRID Schedule
    Period 1 AM: Precalculus
    Period 2 AM: Precalculus
    Period 3 AM: Open
    Period 4 AM: Geometry
    Period 5 AM: Open (during In Person Hybrid only)
    Period 6 AM: Drama
    Period 1 PM: Precalculus
    Period 2 PM: Open (during In Person Hybrid only)
    Period 3 PM: Open
    Period 4 PM: Geometry
    Period 5 PM: Geometry
    Period 6 PM: Drama
  • 2020-2021 - ONLINE & ONLINE Hybrid Schedule 
    Period 1: Precalculus
    Period 2: Precalculus
    Period 3: Open
    Period 4: Geometry
    Period 5: Geometry
    Period 6: Drama