•  The STEM Enrichment program for K - Gr. 4 students will begin the fall of 2015!
    • Each elementary school will have a STEM Enrichment Teacher.                                                                      Image result for STEM
    • There will be a STEM classroom in each of the elementary schools.
    • Every class will spend 50 minutes, each week, in the STEM Enrichment classroom creating and engineering.   
    • This will be a space and time for students to think, tinker and solve engineering design challenges.  
    • The curricula will focus on the design process of engineering to address Next Generation Science Standards.
    •  Students will learn by doing. Tasks will be authentic, set in a meaningful context, and related to the real world.
    What is the difference between science and engineering?  This short video offers an explanation.  
    Below is a power point shared with several BISD groups in the spring of 2015. 
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.