PARENTS- Please remember that it is a WIAA policy (see below) that if your student-athlete sees a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or any other licensed medical provider, they are required to bring a note clearing them for participation in sports. This can be for simple check-ups, dental visits, flu shots, etc. If they see any licensed medical provider, we need a note! While the WIAA policy only requires a note for injuries or illnesses, BISD policy requires a note for any medical visit. Notes can be turned in directly to the front office, or faxed from the provider's office to 206-780-1260.
    Please contact the Certified Athletic Trainer, Amanda Sageser, Athletics Secretary, Sarah Bullock, or Athletic Director, Kaycee Taylor if you have any questions. 
    17.11.4 To resume participation following an illness and/or injury serious enough to require medical care by a medical authority licensed to perform a physical examination, a participating student must present to the school officials a written release from a medical authority licensed to perform physical examinations as listed in 17.11.2 and/or a dentist as applicable.