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    Hey awesome students and parents! 

    As a heads up - I mainly use Google Classroom to post assignments and keep students updated on things happening in our class. Unfortunately this site is only for students (not parents). Parents- if you would like to check it out, ask your kiddo to sit down and show it to you or ask for their login info. However, if you are wanting to know what the daily HW assignments are, click on the calendar links on the left side of this page. This is a view of each google classroom's assignment calendar. You can alos receive a "Guardian Summary" from Google Classroom. To get this report for your kiddo, contact any one of their teachers and they can add you as a guardian.  Have fun!
    Here are general classroom expectations and policies!


    How to best support your kiddo? 

    One of the most common questions I get is, as a parent, how do you support your kid. I get it, it may have been a while since you did math, or things have changed, or maybe it just was never your topic. But, you still have the power to support them! 
    Suggestions -
    • Know that there is daily assignments. If your son/daughter says they don't have any, double check. 
    • Give your kid a space in the house that is theirs to do the HW. Probably not in front of the TV or in their room. Helping them separate their physical space for productivity vs play can be very beneficial for many kids. 
    • Know that as a school we have set up a school wide policy about cell phones that you may want to adopt at home. Phones must live in a designated spot until all work is done. Too much technology is not always a good thing. 
    • Study groups! Encourage your son/daughter to set up a weekly study group or maybe FaceTime with a friend to be able to work through questions. We have a very collaborative environment in class and this can be carried outside class time as well. Two brains are often better than one on a problem!
    • Tutors. The counseling office has a great list of tutors that have worked with our students before. 
    • Get late work in! Yes, it is accepted for partial.