CEE partners with over 800 schools in 135 WA school districts providing staff, student and parent surveys based upon the Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools; student achievement analysis using WASL, WLPT, MAP, DIBELS tests; and consulting for district leadership and school boards.  CEE provides our district with data analysis that spurs appropriate changes in curriculum, instructional practice, assessment and systems to increase student learning and achieve second order changes.

    Bainbridge schools are committed to continuous improvement and as part of our school improvement process, every school in our district develops and implements a School Improvement Plan that is tailored to its specific needs each year.  Our schools analyze a variety of information sources – including student performance trends, state comparisons and staff/parent perception surveys – to identify improvement goals that are specific, data-driven and measurable.  To help each of our schools understand its strengths and challenges in areas known to impact educational effectiveness, we would appreciate your input on how our schools are doing. Every two years we ask parents, students and staff to complete these surveys.  The results will be analyzed and used by staff to improve 

    The survey questions are based on the Characteristics of High Performing Schools.   As a cost savings measure, our district has moved away from paper surveys, to electronic versions sent to parents who have provided their email addresses to their child’s school. If you would like to complete the survey by paper, please use the form on this web site and return it to your child's school.

    Your feedback is very important to our ongoing school improvement efforts as we endeavor to make our schools the very best for the students who attend them.