• Woodward Middle School Vision
    We build connections in a creative and challenging learning environment

    The students, staff and families of Woodward Middle School are dedicated to:

    • Developing relationships with our students and our fellow staff members while honoring them as individuals.
    • Cultivating an environment that is supportive, flexible, and safe.
    • Providing meaningful, intellectually stimulating, and integrated curriculum that fosters a love of learning.
    • Allowing time for reflection and offering opportunities for success, self-discovery, and personal growth.
    • Creating a fun learning environment through innovative instruction, and engaging activities.
    • Celebrating educational, developmental, and cultural diversity.
    • Working in partnership with our families and the community.
    • Modeling a commitment to lifelong learning.
    • Empowering individuals to care for their natural environment, their community, and their world.

    Connecting -  Creating -  Challenging