Welcome to the Online Check-in system. Check below for the required forms for your student's grade level. Print the Emergency Release Form (all grades required), the Network User form (9th grade only), the Health Information form (9th grade only), and any other forms that are pertinent to your family. Your student will be bringing these forms to the Onsite "Welcome Back" activities on August 24th, 25th & 26th. You can also pay online for the ASB Card, Yearbook, Band Fees and Fall Sport Participation fees to avoid long lines at the Welcome Back events.

Wednesday, August 24th

8 am A–G
9 am H–O
10 am P–Z

Thursday, August 25th

Juniors Sophomores
8 am A–G 12 pm A–G
9 am H–O 1 pm H–O
10 am P–Z 2 pm P–Z

Friday, August 26th

“Spartan Startup” (9 am – 2 pm)
All incoming Freshman plan on arriving to the BHS campus at 9am
Link Crew, Campus Activities, ASB Cards, Classroom Tours & Lunch
Approximate end time: 2 pm
Stay tuned for more details!

Seniors — 12th Juniors — 11th Sophomores — 10th Freshmen — 9th

**these forms are required and must be printed and returned to the BHS office