• Bainbridge High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

    The purpose for the Bainbridge High School PTSO is to encourage, support and facilitate communication between parents, teachers, school administration and students. The PTSO exists to support and assist the BHS community of students, parents and educators.
    All teachers/staff and students of Bainbridge High School and the parents and/or guardians, of Bainbridge High School students are members of the organization. There is no formal membership sign-up process and there are no member "dues".
    The BHS PTSO meets four to six times per year with the desire of providing a mix of day time and evening meeting opportunities. All meetings are open to all students, parents and staff members. The specific meeting schedule, including time, location and agenda is advertised via the BHS Website and the BHS SchoolMessanger messaging system.

    eScrip Fundraising – Sign Up, Renew and Verify School designation

    BHS PTSO prides itself on not inundating parents with fundraising events but instead relies on the dollars generated through Directory sales, PTSO donations and the eScrip program.  eScrip generates funds for our schools through money spent at companies like Safeway without any additional expenditures - so parents just need to sign up, designate their school and renew each year by November 1st.  We can renew for you and will do so for everyone who has not done so (unless we hear otherwise from you by October 1st).

    To sign up, renew or change your school designation, you can find directions on the PTSO website in the PTSO section in the Family tab or click on this link. eScrip Instructions