P.E. & Health

Personal Wellness

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Note: This course is open to students in grades 11 and 12 and satisfies one PE graduation requirement.

Description: This is a combination PE and Health course for upperclassmen to develop and practice health and wellness strategies. The course will include time dedicated to physical activity and time dedicated to learning health and wellness strategies in the classroom setting. Students will dive deeper into relevant health issues specific to their age group and address skills established by the Washington State Health and Physical Education Standards. Students will learn to set and monitor health and fitness goals related to physical activity, nutrition, emotional and mental health, and overall well-being. Students will participate in a range of fitness that may be suitable for lifelong enjoyment. Students will gain knowledge and insight about their own physical, mental and emotional needs, will know how to access and analyze pertinent information and resources, while also gaining skills and strategies to support their own well-being.

9th grade Health

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Prerequisite: None

Note: Health is a graduation requirement.

Description: This 9th grade health class will introduce knowledge and skills useful to students in establishing their own long-term healthy lifestyles. This personal “wellness” theme will be introduced and developed through a wide variety of lectures, small group work, video presentations, guest speakers and personal reflection.

To earn credit for the course, students must complete assignments, participate in class discussion and activities, perform well on assessments and term projects, and pass the in-class CPR certification.

The curriculum is based on Washington State Health Education K-12 Core Ideas: Wellness, Safety, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Social Emotional Health, and Substance Use and Abuse.

9th grade PE

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Prerequisite: None

Description: This 9th grade P.E. class will introduce team and lifetime sports, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, pickleball, and badminton. Basic fitness concepts will be introduced and improved through class participation, aerobic workouts, and use of the Fitness Center.

Additional PE Classes: choose from the options listed below

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Description: These courses may be repeated for credit. Students have five options - a course description of each follows:

Team Sports: grades 9-12

This course is designed for students to continue to develop and improve the skills and knowledge necessary to participate successfully in a variety of team sports. Students are expected to learn more advanced skills and strategies, and demonstrate them in a game situation. Conditioning is also incorporated. Team sports that may be included are: basketball, flag football, floor hockey, soccer, softball, Ultimate Frisbee, speedball, team handball, and volleyball.

Lifetime Sports and Activities: grades 9-12

This course is designed to increase students’ knowledge of rules, skills, and strategies of recreational sports. In this course, health-related components will be introduced and assessed. Activities may include: aerobic runs, tennis, pickleball, badminton, golf and volleyball. Health-related components will also be incorporated.

Personal Fitness: grades 9-12

This course is designed for all students interested in improving their overall personal fitness. Students will participate in cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance activities. Health-related components of fitness, the benefits of exercise, and the skills related to each activity will be the focus of this course. Students will explore the relationship between exercise and personal wellness. Activities may include: power walking, jogging, rope skipping, step aerobics, yoga, Pilates, dance, Zumba, and weight training. Students will assess their current fitness level, identify areas for improvement and set goals for achievement.

Weight Training/Team Sports: grades 9-12

The emphasis of this class will be on strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Balance, agility, speed development, quickness drills, and explosive power will be integrated into daily workouts. Individuals, with instructor’s guidance, will create their own lifting program to best fit their personal fitness goals.

Yoga: grades 10 - 12

This course is designed to increase both physical and mental fitness, allowing students to get more out of day-to-day life and cross-train skillfully for life and other sports. Through practice of basic postures, breath techniques, meditation, and guided relaxation, students will build confidence, resilience, strength and flexibility while having fun. Natural effects of this class include vibrant/tangible health benefits, increased concentration, an ability to maintain positive focus in challenging situations and increased happiness.

Zero-period PE: Weight Training/Team Sports: grades 10 - 12

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Note: Must provide your own transportation to school, class starts at 7:40

Description: This class lifts weights on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Fitness Center. Individuals, with instructor’s guidance, will create their own lifting program to best fit their personal fitness goals. On Tuesday and Thursday, the class participates in a team sports, game and racquet sports to develop and maintain cardiovascular fitness. The class starts before the regular school day (7:40), which allows for an open period during the day. It is perfect for the athlete that wants to continue to weight train and participate in after school sports. It provides an open period during the day for homework or an open in the afternoon, so the student does not miss classroom time.

Water Safety/Lifeguarding: grades 10 - 12

Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 credit

Fee: See note in description about fee (not paid to Bainbridge High School)

Prerequisite: Student must be 16 years old by the end of the semester in order to take the course (for WSI certification) and have American Red Cross level IV swimming ability.

Description: American Red Cross Lifeguard, Waterpark Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor Certification Course Gain the knowledge and professional certifications to work as a lifeguard or swim instructor. These courses are taught by a certified instructor utilizing on-line course work and in-person instruction containing lectures, activities, skill practice sessions and homework assignments. Prerequisites for these courses include: 16 years old, swim 300 yards, timed brick retrieval, two minutes of continuous treading and have level four swimming skills. This course is held at the Bainbridge Aquatic Center and has a non-BISD related cost of $275 (includes certification fee, all course material and CPR mask).