Course Request Instructions

Your requests submitted in March will determine your schedule for next year. Please choose carefully.

Course Selections DUE MARCH 27, 2020

Once schedules are finalized in over the summer, there will be no preferential schedule changes. Students are expected to stay enrolled in scheduled courses for the entirety of the course. We create the master schedule and staff classes based on your requests. The counseling and administrative team will work to meet the requests you have made to the best of our ability, but please note that your first choice requests for elective classes are not guaranteed.

During the course request process, you must select alternates (additional courses that you are interested in taking if you do not get your first requests). Please choose your alternate courses thoughtfully, to ensure that you are satisfied with your classes in the new school year. You will be automatically be placed in alternate courses as available when we build the master schedule.


  1. Login to Family/Student Access (Skyward) using your student login and password. If you do not know your student login information, please email Counseling Secretary Rilla Hughes at

  2. Under Home on the left hand side of screen, click the Schedule tab.

  3. On the top left hand side of the screen, under Course Requests now open click the link titled Request Courses for 2020-2021 in BAINBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL.

  4. Required courses for your grade will be pre-loaded on the right side of the screen under Selected Courses.

  5. To request the remaining courses for your schedule, look through the courses listed on the left hand side of the screen under Available Courses for 2020-2021. You can find courses by scrolling through the Available Courses list, or by typing the course title in the empty text box below the list and clicking search.

Note: All courses are listed in the Skyward system as semester courses. To enroll in a year-long course, you must also select the “Co-Requisite Course” - the title of the course will have a “B” at the end.

  1. After you have filled your course selections under Request Courses, you must click on the tab titled Request Alternates. Please select FIVE alternate requests. Under Selected Alternate Courses, your five alternates will be ranked by preference from #1-5. You may move these preferences up and down with the arrows. These should be classes that you will be satisfied with, as they will automatically fill your schedule if your first choice of courses creates a schedule conflict that cannot be resolved. If you do not select alternates, you may be placed in courses that you did not choose, but meet a graduation requirement. NOTE: once you are finished making course requests and alternates, just close out of Family/Student Access (there is no “save” button).

Note: Courses that have an * in front of the title require a prerequisite course or teacher recommendation. Please read the course description for each carefully. If you are not eligible to take the course, it will not be on your schedule in September.

Students interested in Running Start or West Sound Tech:

Please select either Running Start or West Sound Tech as a course request. If you are certain you will be attending Running Start FULL TIME, you do not need to request any other courses. If you are not certain or will attend Running Start or West Sound Tech part time, please select enough courses for a full schedule.