Learning From Home


Ordway -1st Grade Team

April Cross

Susan Gace

Seana Hruska






Reading is VITALLY important to keep up with at home, especially in first grade.  Students should read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at their level.  Additional time should be spent listening to someone else read, audiobooks, reading signs, menus, etc.  Reading Club students should check in with Ms. Langendorff.

Choose Books That Are At An Appropriate Reading Level For Your Child

  • Use the five-finger rule. Open the book to any page and ask your child to read.
  • Put up a finger every time your child does not know a word. If you have put up more than five fingers before the end of the page, this book is too hard for your child. Read a sentence and have your child repeat it.
  • Choose books that match your childďż˝s likes and interests.
  • Keep plenty of reading materials in your home: books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books. Children enjoy having a variety of reading materials!

 How To Read With A Beginning Reader:

  • Encourage your child to use his/her finger to point to each word.
  • Read a sentence and have your child repeat it.
  • Take turns reading a sentence each or a page each.
  • Talk about the story as you read it. What do you think will happen next? What does this story remind you of? How do you think this character feels?
  • DonŐt be afraid to read the same book again! Repeated reading helps build reading fluency!

Check For Understanding

  • Start the book by making predictions. What do you think will happen in this story?
  • Ask questions and make comments during the reading process.
  • After reading a book, have your child tell you the events from the story in the correct order.
  • What was the problem in this story?
  • How did the character feel whenÉ?

á       Encourage your child to make connections. Does this story remind you of another book you read, an event in your life, a movie?

–Valerie Young @ http://community.scholarschoice.ca/teacher/reading-at-home




á       Write in a journal daily: story, opinion, interviews, handwriting practice. (A journal will be provided if longer term).


á       Practice Read, Write, Type  (see online resources off to the right).


á       We are finishing up double-digit addition with regrouping (carrying) and subtraction (with OUT regrouping, borrowing).  Please practice those types of problems and word problems. We will head into graphing and data collection next. We are hoping to send home their old workbook for review practice, as well as the current workbook to follow along with assigned lessons.


á       JiJi (or stmath)  https://www.stmath.com/ 

3 times a week for 30 minutes (if they are done, they should be working on challenge materials).

JiJi Fluency 2 times a week (up in left hand corner; itŐs short about 10 minutes).


So that information comes from one source, the district will be handling all communication concerning closures. Some of what we plan to do will be in Skyward Family Access, so please make sure the main contact email is in Skyward. We will also be posting to our websites any information, meeting times, pick up of materials, etc. Make sure you check each teacherŐs website page frequently during the school closure.

Thank You!

We appreciate all of your patience with these extraordinary circumstances. Now that we know we will be out until April 24th, we will follow up with ways for students to connect with their teachers. We will also send home books, materials, and projects in social studies and writing.





Online Reading Resources

(You may need to copy and paste the link in the browser).

*Raz Kids -https://www.raz-kids.com/  Teacher usernames:

across, then click on name, pw is turtle.

sgace,then click on name, pw is sailboat.

shruska1, then click on name, pw is apple.

*Read,Write,Type- practice phonics and typing skills.  talkingfingers.com/online/

Username: (some form of their first name, they should know) PW- otter (for Hruska and Gace). 1234 for Cross.

*Clarkness website- lots of easy to read books you can print out or read online.









Math Online Resources

*JiJi (or stmath)  https://www.stmath.com/ 

*Greg TangŐs website. He has lots of math games and challenge activities for all levels.


*Sum Dog - practice math games



*Card and dice games