• May flew by....

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 5/29/2015

    The last couple of months of school always seem to fly by. Congratulations to all my Mosaic students for their excellent Play, Norse Mythbusters! It was fun and well done. Congratulations to the middle schoolers for an awesome show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery. (Next to Eagle Harbor Bookstore)  Good Job 7/8 Odyssey for a profitable talent show! Good job Me, for reconstituting about 200 lbs of clay for our last hooray! My arms may never be the same. As the  school year winds down be sure to consider art activities for the summer. It keeps the mind engaged and boredom at bay. More on that later! As well as photos of clay projects. Thank you for all your support. It takes a community. I feel blessed to have such great support!

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  • Robin Hood and Junk Art

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 4/24/2015

    This week went by fast! Tuesday I went to Robin Hood with Mosaic Homeschool program and we had a great time at Seattle Children's theatre. Thank you to Emma and all of our parents for being such a great co-leaders. Then we had Junk Art in honor of Earth Day! It is a labor of love to create a successful junk art experience. We collect and I organize all the bits and pieces of lost treasures and interesting shapes and forms. Then, let the creativity begin; you can feel the energy practically bouncing off the walls as the students come into the art studio. Next, magically it softens and is absorbed as they get to work rechanneling that energy into the art and interaction. They love the process and so do I. Happy Earth Day!

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  • What a Celebration

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 4/16/2015
    Wow! Mosaic Project Fair and Art Night was so much fun! The students had many great displays and I learned a lot. Everything from Lettuce to Chickens, to the Human Body and Code building to Indigenous plants and Touch Technology and more; it was an egg-citing (as we also had an egg drop event). See Photos! Mosaic Play is May 30th put aside that night it will be a winner!
    Jellies, Notans by the 5-8th Odyssey and Gustav Klimt watercolors are up in the wooden floor hallway for your enjoyment. check it out! 
    Odyssey 1-6 is learning about Perspective Drawing and getting ready for next week JUNK ART! In honor of Earth Day we have free studio to create anything you want out of recycled items. Please send in items that you think would lend themselves to creative creations. Junk art days will be April 22 and 23. Any volunteers that want to come participate, this is a fabulous day to watch students design, problem solve and imagine unique art!  
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  • Spring Break has Sprung

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 3/28/2015
    Happy Spring Break!!!
     I hope that you are able to get out and about. I am planning a creating some art work to go with some new lessons as well as travel to photograph the Tulip fields up by Mt. Vernon. There are  more photos in the photo gallery to update our dragon, as well as photos from other classes.
    • Please start saving Recycle items for JUNK ART DAY coming up in April: 
    • And if anyone can help put up Art let me know.   
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  • Progress and Creativity

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 3/13/2015
       We have been making a lot of progress with our Art Work, completing our Notan art pieces in 5-8 Odyssey, adding details to our Gustav Klimt inspired paintings in 3/4 Odyssey and exploring color with paint, mixing, primary colors to create secondary colors with a bouquet of flowers in the Odyssey1/2s.
       I also showed a video clip,  Embrace the Shake, a TED talk by Phil Hansen that explores creativity. Afterwards I asked my students what they that creativity was? Here are some of their answers: "Creativity is the ability to form new thoughts and ideas. It is what allows us to be imaginative and free thinkers. It separates us from machines and animals; it is what makes us human." - Naomi 7th gr.
    "Creativity is expression and thoughts brought into the physical world." Jessie  8th gr,  "Creativity is when you are trying to think of what to make, some thing, when suddenly you have an idea, a really cool idea." Lucas 8th gr. I was incredibly awed by our students and what they had to say. I am thinking it may become part of a graphic poster assignment.
       Mosaic: 6-8 continuing with their play props, see photos. A big Thank You to Ryan at Sears for the cardboard. K-2 are making Viking Helmuts, 3-4 have just completed their Viking Collage Characters and will be making a Viking Jewelry piece.
    Mini Glass Bending class will be putting their glass pieces together for a mobile if they chose. A BIG THANK YOU to VAL HOIT for assisting me today since Doug is not able to attend. HAPPY ST. PATS DAY EARLY! 
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  • Notan and Paper Mache

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 3/2/2015
         As March comes in like a lion, (a bit chilly still) I can hardly wait until it goes out like a lamb. The older students in Odyssey have been working on Notan, a Japanese design concept that works with Positive/Negative Space, contrast and balance. The younger students looked at Matisse and did some collage work and the middle students are creating Gustav Klimt inspired paintings.
       Our older Mosaic group is paper mache-ing away creating props for the Viking play, the 3-5 group is collaging Viking characters and the K-2 group are finishing up their Viking shields. We have been busy. On Fridays for the next couple of weeks I have/am assisting Doug Olsen with a Science/Art glass bending unit. (a little stressful but very fun). 
       As the weather warms, I hope to do some botanical drawings outside in the garden.  And I feel some Okeefe flowers in our future.  
    I can always use help taking down and putting up art work and cleaning if you have time to spare I would love to see you.
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  • More Dragons

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 2/12/2015
    The 3/4 Odyssey class has added their paper sculpture dragons to the wooden floor hall and they look great.!
               Have a
    Happy Valentine's Day
    and a safe and fun Midwinter break.
    Special thanks to Val Hoit and Shelby Fargo for displaying the Dragons. 
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  • Beware, Here be Dragons

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 2/6/2015

         Take time to enter the Hall of Dragons also known as the "wooden floor hallway" outside of Odyssey 1-6 and the Hallway outside of our Music room, In honor of Chinese Newyear we have drawn Dragons in Mosaic K-5 and Odyssey 1-4. The K-2 Mosaic and 1-2 Odyssey created paper lanterns to add to the ambiance. Chinese New Year follows a lunar calendar and this year happens Feb. 19th. Following our Martin Luther King art  piece,  the Odyssey 5-8 grades folded 1000 paper cranes! The legend of a 1000 paper cranes and the story of Sadoko can also be found in the Wooden floor Hall.  We are predicting an excellent 2015 having achieved this feat.  Special Thank you to everyone who helped me hang the art work. Emma Morris, Val Hoit, Shelby Fargo!

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  • Supporting the Arts

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 1/15/2015

         In this era of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) it is nice to add an A for the Arts. Most school districts find Art to be superfluous. It is always the first to go in budget cuts and in our state there are not too many art specialists. I am grateful to be at BISD where the arts are fostered and supported. Why? maybe because BISD realizes  the arts are motivating for some students, The Arts are a way of communicating. The Arts foster divergent thinking and creativity. The Arts teach perseverance. The Arts help to create Community. This year I have had the opportunity to work with K-8 students and to support  art at EHHS. It is very rewarding to see the HS students work, I posted a few pictures. Our building is also coming together to create a work of art to honor Marting Luther King, check back in a few days for a photograph or better stop by and watch it unfold in the Wooden floor hallway by Odyssey 1-6. Also, in the spirit of Russel Wilson, "GO ARTS!"

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  • January ML King, Vikings, and Chinese New Year!

    Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 1/6/2015
    Happy New Year!
    I hope that your time off was restful and fun! If you haven't seen the art show in the hall, do it quick as it will be coming down soon. This year in honor of Martin Luther King's Birthday I wanted to create a work of art involving the entire student body of Commodore. It will be going up in another of week in the "wooden floor" hall by the Odyssey garden. In Mosaic we will be starting an unit on the Vikings and art will be based with integrating the students learning in mind. Chinese New year follows the lunar calendar, be on the watch for Dragons! Thanks again for all the Holiday goodies and well wishing, I felt very appreciated. Check out the photos, I always try to add a few more each time I blog.  
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