• What type of calculator do I need to be successful in 7th grade math?
    At minimum, a scientific calculator is necessary for 7th grade math. However, it is recommended you have a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 graphing calculator as you progress through math in the Bainbridge Island School District (approx $100).  
    When will I use a graphing calculator?
    These calculators are used heavily in Algebra I and Algebra II. It is not necessary you have it this year.  However, we will be using them periodically throughout the year for in-class activities. 
    What if I don't have a graphing calculator? 
     I have a class set of graphing calculators if you need to borrow one during those times. 
     What is the benefit of getting a graphing calculator this year?
    Graphing calculators are complex mathematical machines that increase learning and ability. The sooner you have a graphing calculator the sooner you will become proficient in its uses and capabilities.