Technology Levies

    Washington State allows school districts to fund technology with a local technology levy. Local technology funds support technology expenses for almost all  technology in the Bainbridge Island School District. A technology levy can fund:
    • technology systems
    • equipment
    • software, subscriptions and applications
    • infrastructure
    • technology training
    • staff positions directly related to the funded technology projects

    Why technology?

    1. Technology is an integral component of K-12 education. Curricula require students and teachers to access online textbooks and learning resources.
    2. Post-secondary institutions expect students to be proficient with technology for communication, collaboration, presentation and information analysis and management.
    3. Jobs in the global workforce are increasingly dependent upon technological skills.
    4. Society is becoming increasingly dependent upon technology as a regular means of communication, commerce, lifelong learning and management of daily affairs.
    5. Students today need to be proficient creators and users of technology to be prepared for opportunities and successes in their career and personal lives.


    Why a technology levy?

    1. Washington State does not provide dedicated funds for school technology.
    2. Local funds support almost all technology in our district.
    3. Levy funds provide equity of access to technology at school for students and staff.
    4. Without a technology levy, our district would have to use General Fund dollars to cover the cost of technology. Staff positions and items typically funded by the General Fund would need to be reduced to pay for technology.
    To learn more about school projects funded with BISD School Technology Levies, choose a link in the left-hand column.