Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

Purpose of Committee: 

To make recommendations to the Bainbridge Island School District School Board of Directors about the use of technology to support district mission, vision, and goals. This committee focuses on capacity and long-term planning for the network, infrastructure and resources and documentation needed to support our students and staff now and in the future.

Vision Statement: 

Technology and Learning Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Bainbridge Island School District Technology Program, in partnership with the community, to support all students and all staff in the effective use of current and emerging technologies as tools to live and learn, now and in the future.

Mission Statement:

The Bainbridge Island School District will use technology to ensure that every student is ready for success.

Goal Statement:

The goal of the Technology Program is to offer guidance for the district to improve student learning through the use of technology by providing:
  • access to information for all BISD students, staff, and families;
  • personalized learning opportunities for students;
  • timely feedback on assessments to monitor and summarize learning for students, staff, and families;
  • direction for staff development; and
  • efficient and coordinated systems for communications and operations.

Guiding Beliefs: 

Technology and Learning Guiding Beliefs:
  • Technology is used as a tool to maximize teaching and learning, and to expand the district's ability to serve the educational needs of each individual.

  • Technology is used to maximize communication and collaboration and to provide links to the community and the world.

  • Technology is used to expand available learning resources and is to be fully integrated into the district’s curricula.

  • Staff training is a critical component of all technology initiatives and must be provided on an ongoing basis.

  • The use of technology must be supported by appropriate infrastructure and technical support. 

Committee Representation:

The committee seeks to include representation from:
  • staff from each grade band and/or school,
  • teaching and instructional support staff,
  • parent representation from each school or grade band (K-4, 5-8, 9-12),
  • community members, and
  • students on an informal basis, and as-appropriate to the topic/discussion

Anticipated Meeting Schedule:

TAG usually meets:
  • approx. 4-5 times/year, September - June
  • Wednesdays
  • 5:15 - 7:00 pm


Previous Years
Randi Ivancich, Director of Instructional Technology
206-780-1064 or 206-780-1668